As the Coronavirus pandemic develops, Wellbeing Solutions Management (WSM) continues to deliver our core function – to support your organisation through supporting, reassuring and helping your employees through these difficult and challenging times.

Our role as a leading provider of talking and psychological therapy is to bolster individual’s emotional reliance, help people to maintain a sense of perspective, and to comfort and support people who will suffer loss and hardship. Our counsellors and clinicians across the UK are all ready to provide pandemic-related emotional support to your employees – in addition to our ongoing help with all other normal work, home and personal issues. Download a copy of our full Coronavirus Statement here.

As your organisation continually updates your workforce on your own pandemic response measures, please remember to confidently reference and remind your staff of your EAP service – here to help and reassure. We are also compiling proactive, positive and reassuring employee communication resources for you to circulate to your teams, including helpful resources found on the employee assistance website.

We have developed specific video conferencing support services to help staff bolster their own resilience and mental health in times of trauma, anxiety and uncertainty to support those who are suffering bereavement. Please see below for details of these services.