Carefully planned and implemented for each new customer, our strategy is to maximise the profile of the EAP in your organisation, through delivery of face-to-face manager/employee launch briefing sessions, customised or generic leaflets with detachable wallet cards, the website and EAP handbooks for managers.

Once your programme is up and running, you will receive monthly newsletters to share with employees which help maintain the EAP’s profile.

Employee Online Support

WSM’s powerful and comprehensive Employee Assistance website ( gives employees access to 100s of pages of advice on all sorts of issues including law and rights, work, money, emotional support and family issues.

Where available, we also provide details on many specialist support and advice organisations which are run by leading experts in their fields.

The website also gives employees another way of getting in touch with our advice and counselling teams. They can choose to complete an online request about any issue and give a preferred time for one of our counsellors or advisors to call them back.

Our Employee Assistance Online website is included as a standard element on all EAP packages.